Budget Tips and Tricks

Budgeting for a wedding is one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning.  I have Dads stop me in the grocery store to ask me how much he should be saving for his daughters wedding.   My answer is always the same, ”You can plan a wedding for any amount. It all depends on your vision for the wedding.”    This answer can certainly be argued but ultimately it is true.  The real question is “How much does the wedding I want cost?”         


When I first start working with a client I ask for a budget.  If the father doesn’t have one in mind, he most certainly has a breaking point. This is the amount he is scared to say out loud but is also okay with spending.  The Dad’s maximum amount to spend is important for us as planners to know so we can plan accordingly.


Rumor has it weddings never stay on budget and sometimes that’s true.  I have certainly seen my fair share of budget increases, but this a direct reflection of the client wanting more than was originally planned. As the planner it is my job to educate the client on ways to stay within budget, but ultimately the responsibility is up to the client.  Below are few helpful hints on how stay within your budget.

  1. Be aware of the decisions you are making and how it affects your overall budget.  

  2. Ask your planner where you are on the overall budget before signing off on each proposal. 

  3. Going over budget, even a few hundred dollars, on each vendor adds up. 

  4. When planning an outdoor wedding, build the rain plan into the budget. 

  5. Be prepared for unexpected expenses after the wedding. Here are some examples: guests drank more than planned, your bridal party took advantage of the hair and make-up stylist and more people opted in on the fun than planned, broken or damaged rentals such as wine glasses and linens.  

Planning a wedding is an exciting time and working within a budget that is well communicated is key to success. 

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