Smaller is Sometimes Better

If you are attending a southern wedding, you can pretty much count on large guests list and a bridesmaid count that seems more like a sorority house than a few best friends. With this being the norm, every so often we do work with a bride who is looking for a more intimate affair. Below are a few things you may find helpful when trying to plan or attend a smaller wedding.


The typical attendance of a wedding is 70% when the guest count is 250 people or more. However, you need to count on an 80% to 90% guest count when planning for a smaller wedding.  Smaller guest counts usually mean you are inviting your “nearest and dearest” and they usually do whatever it takes to be there.  If you are a guest to a smaller wedding, be sure to let the couple know you won’t be attending as soon as possible so that they can invite someone else.

Sometimes the couple is really wishing for a smaller ceremony but find that they have too many friends and family to make this happen.  One option is to have a smaller ceremony and a larger reception.  If you choose to take this route, send out one invitation asking guests to attend “the marriage of” and another asking guests to attend “the celebration of.”   With this being a bigger trend than ever before, be sure to read your invitation carefully.  

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Destination weddings are perfect for the couple trying to keep the guest count to a minimum.  The average destination wedding has a guest count of 200 or less.   When planning a destination wedding you should include all the guests for the entire weekend so be sure to plan accordingly. 


A smaller wedding isn’t for everyone.  However, the smaller the wedding the more the couple can focus on the guests experience and details.  It is much more doable to add the extra touches and the guests usually leave feeling like they were truly wanted and welcomed! 


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