"Must-Have Items" During Wedding Season

It is WEDDING SEASON! This means a lot of overtime at the office and producing weddings weekend after weekend. While we all love our job we still lean on a few of our favorite things to help get us by.

Must-Have Items.jpg

  1. Sport Sandals (Julia)

  2. Tata Harper Illuminating Eye Cream (Neillie)

  3. Lake Pajamas (Caroline)

  4. Travel Sound Machine (Kendell)

  5. Lavender Touch (Tara)

  6. My Agenda (Louise)

  7. Volumizing Hair Dryer (Mary)

  8. Eyelash Conditioner (Chelsea)

There are three common themes to this list…..SLEEP, BEAUTY and WORK. Our team lives all year for this season and we thrive on making each wedding seamless and perfect.


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