Expert Advice: Implementing a Touch of Color Into Your Wedding

Many clients ask if choosing bridal colors is still popular and our answer is a resounding “YES!” There are two types of brides, one that wants a lot of color and one that wants mostly neutrals. While we don’t see a lot of blush and bashful a la Steel Magnolias, we encourage our brides to incorporate some sort of color in their wedding. There are many ways to pull in a shade to accent your overall look. We encourage you to choose a hue you are drawn to and include pops of it everywhere—from your bridesmaids dresses, to your bouquets, to save the dates, drapery, and beyond.


Photo by  Spindle

Photo by Spindle

Bridesmaids dresses are a great and easy way to add a punch of color. They can be as subtle or as bright as you want your wedding party to be! This is often the starting point for many brides, and plants the seed for color to use in the reception design.


photo by  Alisha Crossley
Photo by  509 Photo

Photo by 509 Photo

Drapery is not only functional, but a wonderful way to add color, texture and interest to your design plan. A room or venue can be completely transformed with the right drapery.


Photo by  Davy Whitener

Photo by Davy Whitener

Tablecloths, pillows, and furniture are the most effective way to add color to your reception. There are so many options for linens—solid, printed, sparkles—and they can dramatically change and enhance any space. A throw pillow, ottoman or sofa in coordinating tones will elevate your wedding to one of high style.


Photo by  Taylor Dane

Photo by Taylor Dane

Photo by  Anna Shackleford

Flowers are the most obvious way brides bring in their color palette. While white is classic and beautiful, color can add depth and richness. Often the focal point, flowers are a good way to really make a statement.

When planning your wedding design, don’t shy away from color!  No matter what you choose, including color can make the biggest impact in your reception design and overall details.  

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