Bahamas Bound

bahamas travel guide.jpg

We ladies at Mariée Ami would be lying if we said we weren’t a tad bit jealous of our brides as they jet set to remote islands the day after the most magical day of their lives. It isn’t often I take a vacation but I have learned that time away is actually better for the business and good for the soul. Tom and I are excited to be be heading off to the Bahamas with two past bride’s and their amazing husbands. Oh, yeah, and the most fun groomsmen of all times and his beautiful wife. Let’s just say, once a “bride’s friend” always a bride’s friend.


A lot like the office, Louise tells me what to do, where to be and how to dress. With the trip coming up she sent me 100 screen shots of what I needed to wear. The girl doesn’t lead me wrong in anything I do. I hope you find this packing guide helpful when packing for your honeymoon or next visit to the islands.

  1. White shirt

  2. Bamboo purse

  3. Pants

  4. White sandals 

  5. Chloe wedges

  6. Warby Parker Glasses

  7. Rattan Heart Earrings

  8. Coral Earrings

  9. Star Earrings

  10. Coola Sunscreen

  11. Swim Shirt

  12. Tory Suit

  13. PatBo Bikini

  14. Tavik Suit

  15. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

  16. Cuyana Summer Hat


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