Inspiration from Interiors

We are one month out from finishing up one the strongest wedding seasons we have ever had at Mariee Ami. The over the top design plans that have come to life week after week have left me motivated and energized to come up with fresh ideas for our fall season. Pulling inspiration from crazy talented interior designers is my favorite starting point. There are three interior designers that can I can not get enough of! I love everything about their work but I am also inspired by their ability to rock the entrepreneur life while being a mom to little ones.

Hannon Doody with Hannon Douglas is a fabulous interior designer. I am really inspired by just about everything she does. Her firm is known for practicality and timeless designs. Hannon is my youngest sister so I get to see how her style filters through every aspect of her life. She has a way with food, fashion, interiors and entertaining. While her clients benefit from her ability to pull together the very finest details for a large project, I actually love watching her move through a space making the slightest adjustments that make the world of difference.


Rachel Halvorson, a fellow Mountain Brook gal, is a designer I have watched since the start of her career. She is the owner of Rachel Halvorson Designs based in Nashville. One of the main reasons I am inspired by Rachel is the way each room she designs has a personality. Much like what we are trying do with our design plans, Rachel strives to make the most of someones home while keeping the client’s sense of style. I especially love how no one project remotely looks the same. Just when I think I can’t get enough of her Nashville Farm House look, I fall in love with one of her more modern designs.


Amy Berry, owner of Amy Berry Designs, was first introduced to me by our former brides Britt Pogue McKee. Amy is based in Dallas, and you know how we love all things Texas! Besides everything being beautiful and fun, I originally fell in love with all the patterns and color used in her designs. We LOVE patterns and feel like it carries a design plan a thousand times farther so to see how Amy pairs patterns with different colors and textures leave my creative wheels spinning. Her fresh look keeps me begging for more!

We are all in this creative world together. I am thankful for outlets of inspirations outside in the wedding industry. Inspiration is what keeps us going. What do you do for inspiration?

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