Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

By now some of you could star in the movie “27 Dresses” by the amount of weddings you have been in. When brides ask 12-16 women to stand by her side, it can make the wedding day a little tricky if you haven’t thought through how you envision the whole day. Before asking your bridesmaids, I encourage you to think through these few things before coming to the final list. You might be a bride who would enjoy a smaller wedding party.


Bridesmaids Lunch: This event is typically held the Friday before the wedding. You will want to have something special and intimate for the ladies who will dedicate the next 48 hours to your happy day. Our ideal bridesmaids lunch is hosted at someone’s home with delicious food and a beautiful place setting. When making your guest list for this event you will include your bridesmaids, grandmothers, mothers and hosts. Sometimes aunts and cousins are also included. The size of this group can get rather large and the venue and may be affected. If you have a larger group a stand with mimosas and snacks would be a nice touch.

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Bridesmaids Gifts: Traditionally brides give each of their bridesmaids a special gift before the wedding. This gift shows your appreciation for all they have done to be in your wedding. I have found that most brides really like to spoil her ladies. A gift that will be used outside the wedding weekend is the ultimate goal. The larger the group the harder this is on the budget. Be sure to start thinking about this gift early in the planning. It could be that something special will go on sale at some point in the planning process.

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Getting Ready: In the very first planning meeting we usually ask how you feel about hair and make-up for your bridesmaids. Do you want them all to have each service? Do you want to pay for it or do you want them to pay for it? These questions always get a lot of thought and discussion. Most brides want to pay for the services and have all of the ladies pampered on the wedding day. While this is so generous, these services can get expensive and having 15 girls getting ready in one place is chaotic to say the least.


Photos: A large group allows little creativity in the wedding party photos. While having your besties all in one photo is one you will cherish forever, the larger the group, the more traditional this photo will be. When planning the timeline for a smaller wedding party, we can allow for less time taking photos and have more creative spaces.

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Transportation: We are big believers in transporting the wedding party to every location. This helps people stay on time and stay safe. The most popular form of transportation is a trolley of some sort. Most trolleys seat around 22-24 people. If the wedding party consists of 24-30 people, you will need to re-think the trolley or get two.


Now that I have you thinking about your friendships, let me say, I understand how hard it can be to narrow down the list. I will always tell you to NEVER hurt feelings. You have nurtured these friendship for years and your besties should be standing up there regardless the number.


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