Funny Stories from Our Team

If I had a dollar for every person who has asked me to write a book, I would be rich.  I don’t know if I will ever have it in me to truly document all the funny, scary, stressful, and crazy moments we have had at Mariee Ami.   We have a stash of behind the scene photos of our team and every single one tells a great story.   Here are a few funny stories and photos that you can reference back to when in need of a good laugh.

Story 1

We once had a deck built out over a lake to extend the square footage of the venue.  This deck was a temporary deck as it was against Robert Redford’s rules for the property (Yes, THE Robert Redford had to approve our design plan since it was his lake and his property).  After a week-long build out, our guests enjoyed cocktails overlooking the beautiful water.  Slowly but surely, we noticed the wooden deck start to sink.   Within minutes, a team of scuba divers swam out into the lake without a soul seeing them.  They stationed themselves under the deck and began cranking the lifts every few minutes to keep a sturdy level deck for all to enjoy.   As I admired our wonderful party from dry land, I could only see tiny headlamps of the people who were responsible for holding our party in their hands.

Story 2

Invision a romantic outdoor wedding...the sound of the river rushing by, antique pews adorned with exquisite flowers and a stunning bride gazing up at her groom.  Louise and I were so proud; we even gave each other a silent high five as we snuck off down the road to check on the reception.  As we come around the bend of the road, we are face to face with 3 white horses charging towards the ceremony location.  You may be asking where these horses came from.  Valet had opened the gate by mistake and lets just say that the horses were eager to see what the commotion was all about.  We had no choice but to charge back at the horses and hopefully frighten them in the other direction.  By the true grace of God, or the sight of two distressed girls in black, the horses turned around and they headed back to the opening in the fence.  Louise and I looked at each other and gave a “did that just happen” look and continued on our way.

Story 3

The things we are asked to carry around in our purse would make even Mary Poppins proud.  Besides the typical things you might think of such as sunglasses, phones and lipsticks, we sometimes find even the most random things.  How about a bra, birth control to be taken at a certain time, cigarettes and even a worn thong.



Story 4

We were down south at The Gasparilla Inn doing an AMAZING wedding.  If you haven’t been to Gasparilla, the resort is on a small island with one toll bridge for all to use to enter the island.  As luck would have it, the toll bridge broke down 1 hour before the ceremony leaving the ceremony musicians unable to get across.  We racked our brains for the best solution to this problem as the guests could arrive any minute to an awfully quiet ceremony.  I was trying to convince the reception band to learn Cannon in D all while calmly putting the bride and her father into the car that would take them to the ceremony.  Meanwhile, Louise took the problem in her own hands and found a skiff boat that could bring us our music! The quartet boarded the boat and across the water they went.  No sound check was needed and they played their first song as the mothers walked down the aisle!

Every now and then we sit down as a team and laugh until we cry at all the stress and excitement this job has brought to our lives over the last 9 years.  We have so many stories we could tell but some are just too good to share.