A Grateful Group

Neillie: Owner I have so many things both personally and professionally to be thankful for this year that I could write for hours. What I can say is that is has been a great year! To be honest, there were years where life was hard. In the midst of these hardships, our faith teaches us to be strong, dig deep, and trust that these “speed bumps” are only here to prepare our minds and bodies for what life has to come.

2019 will be my 10th year in business. I built this business with a "B" average, spell check, and not one day of business school. The basis of Mariee Ami is faith, love, and hard work. The hardships of my life have given me the drive and determination to succeed. While I feel like there is so much more to come and more to accomplish, I am thankful for where we are at this very moment!

Mariee Ami is growing by leaps and bounds. I love watching what was a dream become a reality. Our clients now stretch from coast to coast. However, this business I am running could not happen without a talented team who values the importance of service and friendship.   Mariee Ami is French for Brides Friend. Being a friend to our clients is the true essence of our work. My team fosters deep friendships with each client while producing luxurious weddings. I am so thankful for my team who works diligently for all our clients.

In conclusion, I am thankful for you. That’s right…you, the person reading this post. The support and excitement you have for Mariee Ami means the world to us!


Louise: Executive Planner

This year, I have more than ever to be thankful for! I am beyond grateful for the birth of our daughter, Forrest. Thank you to my Mariee Ami family who supported me while I stepped away to enjoy these first few weeks as a Mom.  I look forward to being back soon doing what I love with the people I love!


Chelsea: Lead Planner

This year I’m thankful I married my best friend, Chase. Planning my own wedding made me realize how important my role is to brides and their families. My experiences as a bride have given me a new insight that I’m excited to share with my brides in 2019.


Julia Dorr: Lead Planner

This may sound simple but I am so thankful to be in good health!   Being healthy allows me to be able to travel to all the unique places Mariee Ami sends me. This year I have been able to go to Kiawah Island, Highlands, and Ponte Vedra. I’m so thankful for the special memories from each of these beautiful weddings.


Mary: Graphic Designer

I am thankful for my family, especially my son and best buddy William. While I love being a wife and mom, I am so lucky have the opportunity to create the coolest paper for my brides. I am incredibly grateful for the Mariée Ami team and the camaraderie and friendship we have together. Thank you, Neillie, for building a business that lets all of our creative minds shine.


Caroline: Graphic Designer

Since moving back to Birmingham from South Carolina, I realize how crucial it is to have community and yet how easy it is to take for granted. So, this year, I find myself most grateful for community. My people expand my perspective, push me to my highest potential, hold me accountable, and surround me with the best kind of love and grace.


Kendell: Production Manager

I am thankful that I get to be part of executing beautiful designs that are tailored to express each bride’s uniqueness.  I love leading this customized service for Mariee Ami and seeing the design plans come to life. I am also thankful for the birth of my daughter, Kennon. I am grateful for a job that allows me to thrive as a wife, mom, and friend! Tara: Office Manager

In thinking about what I’m thankful for, friends that are like family is what immediately comes to mind. I treasure the friendships I’ve made with our brides and their families.  Just yesterday, I enjoyed visiting with a mom of one of our brides in Target and introducing her to my two boys.  I love running into new friends all over Birmingham!















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