Low Country Bound

We are South Carolina bound this week for whats sure to be a stunner!  Mariée Ami loves to travel and infuse the local flavor into our design plan.  A few things that make us think of a classic low country wedding...

1. Embrace the local beautiful scenery during the milder months and set your table outside!

2. Nothing says southern hospitality like a well curated welcome box for guests, bring on the calligraphy, hand-drawn maps and cheese straws, please!

3. Its no secret the humidity is a touch higher in the low country, so keep your guests cool with a fan at their seat!  We also love a small punch of bright and bold color - try it as a monogram of course!

4. Incorporate some of the many Low Country delicacies like oysters into the menu!

Photo Credits (Clockwise) Nancy Ray PhotographyEric Kelly PhotographyCorbin Gurkin Photography, Aaron Delesie Photographer