Vendor Spotlight: Rare Transportation

We never take our amazing vendors for granted. One vendor that particularly stands out is Rare Transportation. They always pay attention to our timelines and are attentive to our every need.  They take their role very seriously and we appreciate them getting it right every single time. A few words from Rare Transportation...

"The best part about working with everyone at Mariee Ami, in my personal opinion, is how friendly, professional, courteous, and extremely organized they are!

The difference in a bride not having a planner, or having an  inexperienced planner, compared to working with Mariee Ami, is that most clients are not a hundred percent sure what they need or even where to start. Some details include how far in advance service needs to be booked, which type of vehicle is best for the occasion, as well as how important it is to have as close to an accurate time frame as possible. Without this information it makes it difficult to secure vehicles for brides and grooms and, unfortunately, can leave the special couple without reliable transportation. The wonderful planners at Mariee Ami always know exactly what their clients need! We can count on them to have all details planned accordingly and to send us a perfect, organized timeline that makes our job so much easier! When working with the ladies at Mariee Ami, I have no fear that each event will run smoothly and I am comfortable knowing each planner will make sure of this. I would highly recommend future brides to consider using their planning services!"

Thank you Rare for all that you do!

All photos by A Bryan Photo except bottom

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