Mariée Ami Weddings: Carolyne & Alexander

A gorgeous August wedding in Birmingham filled with tradition. We loved the sweet sentiment of the bride wearing a family gown! Here are a few words from Carolyne... Please tell us a little about your story and how you meet "One of my good friends convinced Alexander to ask me to the prom his senior year (my junior year in high school . It was the best decision he’s ever made because we dated ever since."

What was your vision for your wedding? Favorite detail? "I honestly did not have many visions for the wedding and I lack in the detail arena - I left that up to my mom. ;) I did however have one ultimate vision of a very joyful day centered around my number one value in life, Jesus. As for favorite detail, the dress I wore was for sure my favorite detail. It is a family dress that all 3 of my older cousins that I’m super close with have worn in their weddings. There are quite a few more girls in the family waiting in line to wear it next and that makes me happy!"

What was your favorite part of the planning? "I was fortunate enough to have such a FABULOUS team help with all of the tough parts of planning (Mariee Ami!!!!!, Lagniappe Flower Designs, Jan Pruitt Calligraphy etc etc)  so I was truly able to enjoy the entire process. I think one of my favorite parts was the invitation. I never knew I would be so in love with a piece of paper! I would say my favorite part of the planning was the constant reminder to myself that I would be lost without my mama and help from such a wonderful team."

What was your most memorable part of the day? "The most memorable part of my day was my family. I was surrounded with family from the moment I woke up on my wedding day. The wedding party was family only so it was very intimate to have the nearest and dearest to our hearts close participating in the gift of marriage with us." carolyne-ak-blog2 carolyne-ak-blog3 carolyne-ak-blog4 carolyne-ak-blog5 carolyne-ak-blog6 kjp-1-of-1-70 carolyne-ak-blog8 carolyne-ak-blog9 carolyne-ak-blog10 carolyne-ak-blog11 carolyne-ak-blog12 carolyne-ak-blog13 carolyne-ak-blog14 carolyne-ak-blog15 carolyne-ak-blog16 carolyne-ak-blog17 carolyne-ak-blog18 carolyne-ak-blog19 carolyne-ak-blog20 carolyne-ak-blog21 carolyne-ak-blog22 carolyne-ak-blog23 carolyne-ak-blog24Photography: Kellen Jacob Photography | Wedding Ceremony: St. Mary's on the Highlands Birmingham, Alabama | Wedding Reception: The Country Club of Birmingham | Flowers: Carole Sullivan of Lagniappe Designs | Calligrapher: Jan Pruitt | Band: Rick Stowe, East Coast Entertainment | Wedding Cake: Magic Muffins