Mariée Ami Weddings: We Love Kids

Kids have played a big part in many of our weddings, and we love seeing how the photographers capture them on the big day.  For today's blog post a round-up of some of our "cutest" photos. (cover photo: Holland Williams Photography)

035-welden-marieeamiPhoto: Spindle Photography 13511025_10208731344413372_5142914173419424519_nPhoto: Kristin Sweeting Photography Annabeth_Levi_BlogPhotography: Holland Williams Photography Ginny_Nathan10Photo: Rob and Wynter Photography Kelly_Ann_Harris_Blog7Photo: Catherine Taylor Photography southern-wedding-flower-girl-crownsPhoto: A Bryan Photo southern-wedding-flower-girl-garlandPhoto: A Bryan Photo southern-wedding-flower-girls1Photo: A Bryan Photo spindle_lilly_lake_wedding_71$!900xPhoto: Spindle Photography