Local Registries

It's important to embrace your communities local shops when you can, and it's not hard to do in a town like Birmingham.  The Magic City is loaded with great places to shop.  Now many are offering bridal registries as well and we think it's a great way to support local!  A round up of some of our favorites for today's post! Table Matters (cover) Located in Mountain Brook Village, Table Matters carries everything from your classic china to local makers like Liz Legg as well as home décor. 2402 Montevallo Road, Mountain Brook AL 35223 | 205.879.0125 photo: Beth Hontaz for The Scout Guide

AtHome2At Home Furnishings Located in the heart of downtown Homewood, At Home has everything from tabletop and linens to beautiful furniture and wall art.  Recently expanded - it's worth an afternoon of strolling! 2921 18th Street South, Homewood AL 35209 | 205.879.3511 flower-juliska-proof Bromberg's A Birmingham classic.  One of the oldest local places to register for your finest of gifts! Fine china, gifts, pottery and jewelry make up much of this Birmingham staple. 2800 Cahaba Road, Mountain Brook AL 35223 |205.871.3276 Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.38.33 AMLamb's Ear A beautiful shop located in Crestline Village, it's one of my favorite stops for new and interesting tabletop.  Copper, stone and marble pieces as well as home décor and artwork. 70 Church Street, Birmingham AL 35213 | 205.802.5700 Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.45.12 AMTrouvé A local treasure in English Village.  Trouvé carries some of your classic tabletop lines as well as one of a kind antiques, jewelry and artwork! 2004 Cahaba Road, Birmingham AL 35223 |205.490.1533 Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.48.50 AMChickadee Located in Cahaba Heights, Chickadee carries linens, tabletop, home furnishings and décor.  They also have a sweet little baby section! 3138 Cahaba Heights Road, Vestavia Hills AL 35243 | 205.969.3138

0.03_0_0.25_0_682_495_csupload_68238784Cotton and Quill For the bolder bride, this new flagship store in Crestline Village is perfect.  Custom textiles, home décor, stationary and much more to come! 53 Church Street, Mountain Brook AL 35213 | 205.438.6514

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.59.47 AMThe Cook Store Local pottery and tabletop as well as those everyday gadgets you don't know what you did without!  Skip the big corporate beyond store because this local hub has all that you need for the kitchen basics! 2841 Cahaba Road, Mountain Brook AL 35223 | 205.879.5277