Destination Wedding Planning Tips

An increasingly popular trend for 2016 is to have a destination wedding.  If you're considering this there are a lot of factors to account for aside from the normal wedding planning tasks. We love the folks at Brownell Travel and are excited to share part one of two posts on destination weddings. Here are their top tips for planning your dream day away from home! From Brownell...

Are you looking for a destination to say “I Do”? The experts at Brownell Travel share planning tips and the top spots for a destination wedding.

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, there are a few more logistics to consider than your typical wedding. Brownell Independent Advisor & Destination Wedding Expert Catherine Whitworth gives a few tips for planning the perfect destination wedding.

Buy Out a Small Resort “You can have all of your events – rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, reception, and after wedding brunch – on the property,” explains Catherine. Even better, all your events will be private, and you won’t have to worry about bothering other hotel guests (or other hotel guests bothering you!).

Choose a Destination with Nonstop Flights Consider a destination that is not too hard to reach. A small island that requires multiple flights and transfers will increase travel time and cost. Multiple flights also leave people more at risk for flight delays and trip disruptions.

Select a Resort with Wide Range of Room CategoriesA stunning all-suite boutique resort may be perfect for you, but it is important to keep friends and family with smaller travel budgets in mind. “A resort with a wide range of room categories allows budget conscious guests to have the same destination experience as the suite guests,” says Catherine.

Check the Weather “Look at the annual weather reports to make sure your timeframe has a good wedding range,” explains Catherine. “Make sure you are out of hurricane season for the Caribbean!”

Get Amenities in the Contract Brownell is a part of the Virtuoso network and is a preferred partner with top hotel groups so our guests can access exclusive amenities, like daily breakfast and a $100 resort credit. “When negotiating a wedding contract, we try to get the added amenities worked into the contract,” says Catherine.

Buy Wedding Cancellation Insurance Life happens, and you need to cover your bases if anything comes up. Weather issues, health problems—you name it—could result in cancelling the destination wedding. Make sure you have insurance so you don’t lose money if anything were to go bump.

Let the Pros Help Planning wedding has a lot of logistics. Planning a destination wedding doubles it. Don’t try to do it all yourself—instead get help from the pros. Hire a wedding planner—the ladies of Mariee Ami!—and a Travel Advisor. The Advisor will have experience negotiating a contract and will take care of the travel logistics for you and your guests. If there are any travel delays or disruptions, you’ll have someone who can quickly take care of it so you can enjoy your special weekend!



photo credits: A Bryan Photo