LaRussa Rehearsal

Chelsey's rehearsal dinner was the perfect kick-off for her stunning wedding weekend! Dinner at Dyron's Low Country was just the right intimate and warm setting for a fall wedding.  Caroline of Sincerely Me decked the walls with her custom calligraphy and Michael Sanchez had the place dripping in beautiful florals.  A sweet note, the brides mother also picked out all the china and silver for the dinner! Check back for photos of their wedding coming soon! RehearsalDinner-34 LaRussa_RehearsalB3 LaRussa_RehearsalB4 LaRussa_RehearsalB5 LaRussa_RehearsalB6 LaRussa_RehearsalB7 LaRussa_RehearsalB8 LaRussa_RehearsalB9 LaRussa_RehearsalB10 LaRussa_RehearsalB11 RehearsalDinner-105 LaRussa_RehearsalB13 LaRussa_RehearsalB14 LaRussa_RehearsalB15 LaRussa_RehearsalB16 LaRussa_RehearsalB17LaRussa_Rehearsal19LaRussa_Rehearsal20Photography: Love Be Photography | Rehearsal Dinner: Dyron's Low Country | Calligraphy: Sincerely Me | Flowers: Michael Sanchez