Friday Five

Happy Friday! Fall is always a busy time for us, it's a beautiful time of year to have a wedding!  With so much going on there have been a few highlights in the last week that made our grin a little wider! (Above) A fun outdoor photo shoot in some great fall weather with a talented crew! Can't wait to share more! Friday_52We finally got a Trader Joe's in Birmingham and we cannot wait to sample their classics! Friday_53The Junior League of Birmingham's Annual Shop Save Share has begun! Which means 20% off all our favorite shops in the village - it may be time to get one of these darling hats at M. Lavender! Friday_54Fall means college football in south, and the "third" Saturday in October means it's Tennessee week - a classic rivalry that's showing down in Tuscaloosa tomorrow! Friday_5_newWe're so exciting about Chris Hastings opening his new restaurant, Ovenbird, and loving his fall cocktails on their amazing patio!