Film vs. Digital: What's the Difference?

We're so excited to have our intern, Lauren, guest post for today!  Brides often ask us the difference in hiring a film versus digital photographer and Lauren happens to be somewhat of an expert in the matter.  From Lauren... Your wedding day is iced with glowing smiles, first dances, and an overflow of bubbling laughter. The precious moments of your day are captured and kept through the lens of your photographer. Due to the vast array of styles and mediums, choosing a photographer can be a bit overwhelming. To help clear the air and make your decision easier, we’ve highlighted the top three differences between film and digital photography. (above photo by Clark Brewer)

1. The Aesthetic: Film photography tends to lend itself to a more warm and whimsical aesthetic. The film blends light and color in a seamless way, delivering a more natural skin tone. Capturing a unique glow, film photography will highlight a more forgiving and airy light on the subject.

2. Lights, Camera, Action Shots: Whether your groom is leaning in for a quick kiss on the cheek or you and your bridesmaids decide to make a surprise appearance on the stage with the band, you definitely want every moment of the day to be captured. So, when it comes to action shots, the best way to ensure clear, sharp images is to go digital. When using a digital camera, a photographer can quickly adjust the settings to best capture the moment. When using film, the pictures might not be as sharp; however, some people prefer the blurred effect.

3. The Big Misconception: Many believe that if you chose a film photographer, then you can’t receive digital proofs. Well we are happy to inform you that this isn’t true! Most film photographers will scan in their pictures... Meaning you’re still able to share your gorgeous pictures with all your friends!

When it comes to deciding between film and digital, it really depends on the type of style and feel you want your memories to radiate. In some cases, photographers can shoot in both mediums, meaning you get the best of both worlds! Either way, we are sure your pictures will deliver a big smile whenever you reminisce on your special day.

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