5 Impactful Budget Friendly Wedding Details

The wedding industry has exploded with options and trends to indulge in.  With so many more ways to spend a budget,  brides are getting more creative adding extra details that will drive you crazy and broke if you do them all!  It's hard to know which are actually going to make a difference to your guests.  Luckily, there are a few things you can spend your money on that won't break the bank and still leave everyone thinking "what a great night!"(Above Photo | A Bryan Photo)

LATE NIGHT SNACK: Forget the wedding favor, a late night snack goes a long way to people who have been drinking and dancing for hours!  The bonus is, it doesn't need to be fancy or expensive.  A simple small serving of fries or popcorn will look and taste incredible to everyone at this point in the night, and be kinder to your wallet.  Extra points for bringing it out in a pretty tray with a monogram! (Below Left Photo | Belathee Photography, Right Photo | Jose Villa Photography) Budget_FriendlyTAMBOURINES & SUNGLASSES: It doesn't matter how many weddings we bring these guys to, you would think we were handing out puppies the way people reach for them!  The key is knowing when to bring them out,  these inexpensive props always take the dance party to another level! (Below two Photos | A Bryan Photo, Bottom Photo | Spindle Photography) Budget_Friendly3 Budget_Friendly2STRATEGIC LINENS: As far as design details, it's hard to beat beautiful linens.  Many budgets can't afford to deck out a reception with them, but a few thoughtfully placed tablecloths can give a similar effect.  It pulls the design plan together and adds personality. (Below Left Photo | Carrie Patterson, Right Photo | Eric Kelley, Bottom Photo | Jamilah Photography) Budget_Friendly4 703bb261ac188e887e7bd360a924c54e CANDLELIGHT: Can't afford a long table garland filled with florals?  Fill it up with candlelight!  It sets a romantic mood and saves a lot of money! (Below Left Photo | Jose Villa Photography,  Right Photo | Jessica Weiser, Bottom | Apartment Therapy) Budget_Friendly68f58183ee09de5fa482eebef99718dda HAPPY BRIDE: Ok, maybe this isn't exactly a pretty little detail but it's one of the most important!  Seems simple enough.  You are essentially the hostess, and guests feed off your happy vibes.  Of course, why shouldn't the bride be ecstatic?  At this point you shouldn't be worried about the small stuff anyways.  Enjoy your day to the fullest and your guests will too! (Below Photo | A Bryan Photo) 020-1