Picking the Perfect Honeymoon

We may be wedding day experts, but leave the honeymoon planning to Brownell Travel!  Today they share their suggestions for picking the PERFECT honeymoon! After the buildup of planning a wedding and the excitement of your wedding day, there’s nothing like toasting your marriage while relaxing on your honeymoon. Whether you plan to travel to a remote island halfway around the world or travel only a short distance, your honeymoon needs to be catered to you and your fiancé’s unique preferences. You wouldn’t choose a wedding package with a pre-selected dress, cake, flowers, catering and playlist, so why would you choose a cookie-cutter honeymoon? Just like Neillie and her fabulous team work closely with you to create a custom wedding, your Travel Advisor helps sift through the many, many destinations and properties to find one that is perfect for you!

But how do you narrow it down? We’ve concocted a quick guide to figure out which destination is best for you!

Do you want...

Privacy, away from the rest of world...THE MALDIVES Maldivesspa villa The Maldives is the Rolls Royce of honeymoon destinations (along with its sister in the South Pacific, Bora Bora). Overwater bungalows where you can dive right into crystal clear waters—it’s what dreams are made of!

A bit of beach, a bit of adventure...COSTA RICA Landing Stage after sunsetDo y’all want to try your hand in surfing? Maybe snorkel with a sea turtle or a white-tipped shark? If so, Costa Rica is the place for you! The lush rainforests next to beautiful beaches are perfect for those wanting adventure with a side of relaxation.

Island luxury...ST. BARTH If you’re itching for an island escape but want easy access to modern luxuries—ahem, shopping—St. Barth is for you. Gucci, Chanel, Prada…you’ll find all your old friends a stone’s throw from beautiful beaches.

Stateside with Southern charm...CHARLESTON The gem of South Carolina, Charleston offers plenty to do. The shopping is great and the restaurants are even better (it’s become quite the mecca for foodies). You can spend time in town or relax on the nearby beaches.

To rest and relax on an island...ST. LUCIA St. Lucia Sugar Beach Aerial View St.Lucia Sugar BeachSt. Lucia simply exudes romance. The Pitons offer a gorgeous backdrop for all your activities and the incredible views beckon you to relax and have a rum punch (or three—it is your honeymoon after all)!

Culture, cuisine, and coastline...ITALY ItalyCoast David O_Gondolas in VeniceThe picturesque cobblestone streets, the pizza and pasta (you don’t have to fit into a wedding dress anymore hallelujah!), the wine, and the art—it all comes together to be nothing other than Italy. If it’s a first time trip, spend a few days in Rome and/or Florence, but head to the coast for true relaxation. Talk about dolce vita!

An exciting escape without jet lag...ARGENTINA Argentina This South American gem has something for everybody. Buenos Aires buzzes with energy and culture and even has a bit of European flair, Mendoza is a wine lover’s dream, and Iguazu Falls and Patagonia showcase the Earth’s natural beauty.

Sun, sand, and a mai tai in hand...HAWAII HawaiiAloha! Jet over to the 50th state and get ready to relax on some of the prettiest beaches around. The people are welcoming, the food is tasty, and the islands are gorgeous—what’s not to love about Hawaii?!

Multiple destinations, one amazing honeymoon...CHARTER A BOAT Sometimes you don’t want to stay at just one place. If you share that sentiment, look no further than a chartered boat. Whether in the Greek isles or the French West Indies, the ocean is your playground. Island hop by day and watch the sunset from the deck by night—it doesn’t get much better.

Did you find a destination that piques your interest (or maybe narrow it down to two)? Good! You’re well on your way to planning your honeymoon! To contact a Travel Advisor from Brownell Travel, click here.