Five Trends for 2015

A new year brings fresh ideas to the table and 2015 has lots of them!  The wedding world is always changing and it's fun to embrace different trends while still creating a classically beautiful wedding.  Here are a few new things to try this wedding season! above photo by A Bryan Photo

1. Embrace Something Old

2015_Wedding Trends3 2015_Wedding Trends4

Your grandmothers closet just got a lot cooler!  Family heirlooms have always been a tradition in weddings, but we see it taken a step further from just borrowing a veil and toasting goblets.  Bring out those vintage vases for your florist to use and mix in a few antique trays and other items to your decor.  There is something warm and timeless about these elements you won't regret!

2. Add (a little) Color

2015_Wedding Trends8 2015_Wedding Trends7

Brides are getting a little braver and not just sticking to "fifty shades of white" (pun intended).  Soft hues of blues, pinks and grays can be classy and elegant too!

3. Love the Vintage Cocktail

2015_Wedding Trends6 2015_Wedding Trends5

These drinks are still around for a reason!  Try an old fashioned in the fall and winter and a gin fizz in the warmer months.  Serve it up in a coupe glass or out of a vintage decanter for some extra styling.

4. Thoughtful Welcome Boxes

2015_Wedding Trends9

It's about the whole wedding weekend and that starts the moment guests check into their hotel!  We've come a long way from a simple water bottle and a note - it's so much fun!

5. Organic Calligraphy and Watercolor

2015_Wedding Trends10 2015_Wedding Trends11

Classic calligraphy will always be in style,  but we are seeing new lettering that isn't so "perfect."  A simple touch of watercolor is also so lovely!

left image by Ragan House Lettering

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