All I want for Christmas...

With the holidays right around the corner we thought it would be fun to ask our staff what they are pining for this season! MA_Wishlist2


1. Neillie wants some new sunglasses like these from Madewell

2. Neillie is also on the lookout for a new house!

3. Tara wants her closet re-styled by Miss Moxie

4. Mary is hoping for some Liz Legg necklaces

5. Mary would also love a FitBit

6. Louise would like a getaway vacation - maybe Turks & Caicos?

7. Emma wants some Santel Blush Tom Ford perfume

8. & 9. Louise would also like to renovate her bathroom and a roomba!

10. Tara also has her eye on a bike rack for her car

11. Holiday traveling calls for new luggage from Longchamp for Emma