Behind the Scenes Photo Mashup

As wedding planners, the goal is to stay "behind-the-scenes" on the big day. Neillie, Louise, and Emma are the best at running your day flawlessly and without anyone noticing them running around when the wrong size linens are delivered or the flower girl decided to play in the mud! They're also right by your side for a last minute dress fluffing/steaming or helping your nervous mother put on the veil.  Occasionally, the photographer sneaks a photo of them, and as their marketing director I've enjoyed setting a few of these aside for later today! Hope you enjoy these as much as I did! MA_Behind_the_ScenesMama tries first, and then lets the pro, Neillie, in! Image by A Bryan Photo

MA_Behind_the_Scenes3Above image by A Bryan Photo

MA_Behind_the_Scenes4Above image by A Bryan Photo

MA_Behind_the_Scenes5Above image by A Bryan Photo

MA_Behind_the_Scenes6Above image by Leslee Mitchell Photography


MA_Behind_the_Scenes8MA_Behind_the_Scenes9Above image by Arden Photography

MA_Behind_the_Scenes10MA_Behind_the_Scenes11Above image by Arden Photography

MA_Behind_the_Scenes12Above image by Arden Photography

MA_Behind_the_Scenes14MA_Behind_the_Scenes15Above image by Arden Photography

MA_Behind_the_Scenes16Above image by Arden Photography

MA_Behind_the_Scenes18Above Image by Rob Ingram Weddings

MA_Behind_the_Scenes19Above Image by Rob Ingram Weddings

MA_Behind_the_Scenes20Image by Spindle Photography