2013 Pew Decorating Competition: Hamptons Style!

Last week Mariée Ami got a chance to participate in the 2nd annual P.E.W. Decorating contest. This was our second year and there was no way we were going to miss it, especially since we were returning champs! For this years competition we entered the LUXE category, one of our favorite wedding styles. We began pulling inspiration from one of our  favorite weddings in August, I think you can guess who... We went with crisp, bold colors of navy, white, orange, and green with a touch of gray  to soften it up. Boxwood and antique silver accented the look and linen made it feel a little more casual. We topped it off with a woven hat and turkish throw. Hail the Hamptons!

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2013_Pew_Decorating 2013_Pew_Decorating2 2013_Pew_Decorating3 2013_Pew_Decorating4 2013_Pew_Decorating5 2013_Pew_Decorating6 2013_Pew_Decorating7 2013_Pew_Decorating8 2013_Pew_Decorating9 2013_Pew_Decorating10

Photos were shot by the talented Kelly Cummings of Spindle Photography.

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