To Market we go

One of the many perks of working in this business is going to market and the Mariée Ami girls had a blast at the Atlanta Market last month! We went in expecting to find maybe one or two things we'd like to order, but unfortunately we found LOTS of things we LOVED! Here are just a few snippets from our trip, please comment and let us know what YOU think! *NOTE TO OUR BRIDES: Please let us know if you would like to order any of these items! Send an e-mail to for information.



Jewelry1 Market_Day2 Market_Day4

Linens Market_Day5Market_Day7 Market_Day8 Market_Day11Market_Day10

Market_Day13 Market_Day14Market_Day17Market_Day18

Market_Day15 staff_fav Market_Day22




To wrap up two long days at market, we enjoyed getting dolled up for a fun dinner at STG Trattoria where we had fresh watermelon salad, gourmet pizzas, gelato, and (a few) cocktails!