The Hotel Box

There are so many details when it comes to a wedding, but one that brides always want our help with is the hotel box! You know it's a wedding week when our office is filled with cookies, ribbons, and water bottles! As wedding planners, it's one of the many tasks we frequently add to our task list. Brides and mothers want to make sure they have all the right things for their guests, and rightfully so! Your hotel box can set a tone for the wedding weekend - at least for the out of town guests. So to break it down for you, the above list is what we think are the ingredients for a successful hotel box!

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Something Sweet: We do have a few favorites around town but are always on the lookout for new ideas! However, we have never had any complaints about the following...

Icing on the Cookie custom iced cookies and cheese straws • Savages Smiley Face cookies • Magic Muffins mini muffins and state-shaped iced cookies

We also love a homemade recipe! It's fun to have your granny's famous sugar cookies, with the recipe attached so guests can whip up a batch when they get home.

Something Salty: Cheese straws, trail mix, and spiced pecans are great go-tos! Mary, our art director, is partial to the homemade cheese straws!

Drink: Guests always appreciate a drink of sorts! From water to mini champagne bottles, we've seen it all! Add a custom label to make it a little more special.

Local: Adding a local touch is essential. Typically this can be done with a food item, local magazine, or crafty item.

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Labels: Putting labels on the box and on the snacks pulls your wedding "look" together. Plus, we like any excuse to put an adorable label on something - it's just fun!

Ribbon: Ribbon or tissue paper makes it feel more like a gift and is also another way to pull your colors through the whole weekend.

Weekender: Mary has become quite the expert on these! This can tell your guests the schedule, important addresses and phone numbers, as well as where to eat and what to do. We like to tie this onto the box for the finishing touch!

Hotel_Box4Louise and Neillie stuffing welcome bags in Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Hotel_Box Hotel_Box2 Hotel_Box3 Hotel_Box5 Hotel_Box6

Even with a hurt ankle, Louise is hard at work to get these boxes ready! Hotel_Box_NEW1 Hotel_Box_NEW2 Hotel_Box9


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