Style Notes for the Little Ones: Ringbearer & Flowergirl

If it were up to me, my son would be in linen & lace every. single. day. Kids grow up so fast, so I like for them to look like children while they are. Dressing a child for a wedding can be a dubious task. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want the children in your wedding to look age appropriate!

FOR BOYS CLOTHES A lace bubble, button-on shorts, or a peter pan collar shirt and shorts is the perfect look. Don't forget the knee socks!

FOR GIRLS CLOTHES There is nothing like a beautiful, french, hand-sewn lace little girl dress.

If your flower girl or ring bearer is older and has an opinion about what they wear, and it is NOT going to be frilly, there are still appropriate options... J.Crew, Vineyard Vines, and even the Gap offer the older crowd a great selection to keep them looking classy.

The Lili Pad & Gigi's in Cahaba Heights is a great one-stop shop. They have both the lace and big kid options.

Hope this gives you a few ideas the next time you have to dress up your little one!

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