Summer Wedding MakeUp Part 2

Part two of Celine's summer make-up tips include how to get the always popular "summer glow." SUMMER GLOW:

So we don't want to be totally matte for summer. A nice glow is beautiful for summer, just in the right place! Areas you want to highlight are the top of the cheekbones, center eye socket, inner eye / tear duct area and bow of the lip (not necessarily all at once). There are all kinds of products out right now for this so if you find one that works for you, stick with it! One cheapie highlighting powder I've found that works well is Physician's Formula "Vegas Strip / Light Bronzer." A go to classic is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick.

HOW-TO: After I've applied foundation, priming first as needed (see previous post for primer tips), I will lightly contour with a bronzer* under the cheekbone and then brush the bronzer along the face wherever the sun naturally hits. With that same brush (keeps everything simple), I put a pop of color right in the apple of the cheek, and then brush the highlighter along the top of the cheekbone. I might add a touch of highlighter to the center of the eye socket as well (after everything is done) for a nice glow on the eye. If you're going strapless, you can also sweep the highlighter along your collarbone for an extra touch.

*For bronzers, there is a lot out about not getting anything that goes "muddy" and I agree. This may take some experimenting on your part but typically you'll want something one to two shades darker than your skin tone. One that I like right now is Tarte Park Ave Princess. You'll want to check the bronzers in the store and make sure it gives you a nice tan look, not a dirty streak!

For a quick glowy summer eye, you can use all the products mentioned above. You simply sweep a little bronzer across the entire lid area and then pop a little golden glow on top. Layer on mascara. For an extra punch, pop in a gel liner right along the upper lash line. Tarte's Brown gel liner is great for a more natural eye and Bobbi Brown's Black Ink is perfect for a dressier look.


Finish with neutral gloss or for something more trendy and dressed up, try a matte lipstick in a pop of color, which is nice and modern for the season. Whalah! You're done! (See inspiration pics from previous post for natural, summer looks.)

(1. Tarte's Brown gel liner    2. Physician's Formula Vegas Strip / Light Bronzer    3. Bobbi Brown's Black Ink    4. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick    5. Tarte Park Ave Princess)

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