Southern Traditions: "The Cake Pull"

Although we have done weddings of all shapes and sizes, sometimes it's fun to embrace our regional roots and take a look into some old "southern" wedding traditions! The "cake pull," previously reserved for the brides cake, is becoming more popular for a bridesmaids luncheon. Multiple sterling silver charms, each on their own ribbon, are set into the cake with the ribbon out. Each bridesmaid pulls a different ribbon and whichever charm they receive indicates a different type of luck. We love this sweet tradition and the idea of bringing it into the bridal luncheon. The custom became popular in the Victorian age in England and around New Orleans. Back then it was set aside for the bride's single girlfriends in hopes of giving them luck in finding a man! Sometimes the bride would denote a specific charm to a certain bridesmaid by tying the ribbon in a knot. She would later use that charm on a bracelet made for that bridesmaid as a gift. We love this fun idea and the charms can be found at Weddings Etc., just down the street from us. However, if you don't live around town and want to add a little old southern flair to your bridesmaids luncheon, be sure to check out their Etsy page!




il_fullxfull.306921700*Note, charms are set into the cake AFTER it is baked and laid in between the icing layers. We think it's self-explanatory but please be sure to serve your cake after the charms are pulled, doing the heimlich  maneuver at your luncheon is no fun!