Intern Diaries

We are so lucky to have Alex help us with our busy wedding season this summer! Since our staff has been completely engulfed in all things Mariée Ami, it has been great to get an outsiders point of view. So for today's post we give you notes from our newest hard-working intern, Alex! "Wedding planning has interested me since the movie The Wedding Planner came out. This summer I have been granted the opportunity to try this amazing career out. Within my first 10 minutes in the office, I realized how amazing Neillie Butler is. She said it perfectly by saying that wedding planning is a serious career because you only get one chance to make the brides' dreams come true. She was not saying this to scare me, but more to let me know what was expected of me during my time here. I could tell she was sincere in wanting to make every dream come true for each wedding, whether it was her brides, the brides’ mothers, or her team. Speaking of her team...Neillie has surrounded herself with five amazing ladies, who immediately welcomed me and helped me understand what was needed, and exactly what my role was as the intern. Emma, Louise, Mary, Kathleen, and Lauren all fill special individual roles that make Mariée Ami run smoothly and efficiently.

I spent my first week helping put together hotel boxes and reception cards, working on an amazing surprise birthday party, and Saturday presented me with the challenge of my first reception. My first realization was how completely different and unique each bride is. My second realization was how talented the Mariée Ami team is. They pulled it all together, and not once did I see a trace of panic or stress on anyone’s face. The company works hard to organize everything so that when the big day comes, they can spend their time enjoying their hard work instead of worrying about things that were not finished on time.


Needless to say, my first week was a frenzy, but I am beyond thankful that I have this opportunity to work with such talented and special people. I cannot think of a better place to spend my summer, or to learn the process of wedding planning."