How to Wear a Tuxedo - Leo Edition

With as much time as the bride spends finding the perfect dress, shoes, veil, we can't have the guy at the end of the aisle not follow suit (literally!) We took a few notes from Leo and his new movie, The Great Gatsby. Gatsby was all about style and fancy parties...kind of like wedding festivities! Brides, take notes for your Mister and don't let the groom miss out on a few of these key tips when picking out his attire! A few more tips to go by...

1. Tuxedo's are meant for evening receptions. The golden rule is: "What's elegant in the morning is almost never elegant in the evening." - according to VOGUE

2. Please don't wear your Christmas socks! LONG black socks in silk are much nicer than getting a peek of rudolph's red nose.

3. In the winter you can stray from the typical black, and by stray, we mean midnight blue. However, the bow tie, cummerbund, and lapel should always be black.

4. Always schedule a tux fitting between 3-5 months before the wedding and again a week before. Those last few weeks at the gym can make a difference!



We love the classic look but also enjoy some of these styles from the movie below!Leo3



We definitely won't be waiting on Redbox for this one! Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 8.58.01 PM