Real Weddings: Mary Hayward & Kyle

There's always something so special about a backyard wedding and this one was definitely one for the picture books! So many great family keepsakes and traditions added to the beautiful weekend.  You may remember an older post, called the "Bourbon Burial" which started off the wedding festivities. Long story short, bury the bourbon upside down to keep the rain away, and sure enough it worked! It's a great southern tradition, especially for this unique couple. A born-and-raised southern gal marrying her Boston beau. This wedding also went down as one of the best exits we have coordinated – a firetruck send-off! Spotswood_2 Spotswood_3 Spotswood_4 Spotswood_5 Spotswood_6 Spotswood_7 Spotswood_8 Spotswood_9 Spotswood_10 Spotswood_11 Spotswood_12 Spotswood_13 Spotswood_14 Spotswood_15 Spotswood_16 Spotswood_17 Spotswood_18 Spotswood_19 Spotswood_20 Spotswood_21 Spotswood_22


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