Emerald Inspiration

It's no secret that emerald is the 2013 pantone color of the year, and of course we have been thinking about how to use it tastefully in our weddings. I must say that at first I was not thrilled about it, still gravitating towards neutrals of pale pink, whites, and grays. So I pulled some of our past wedding pieces, as well as what we're looking at on Pinterest and blogs, and I must admit it is growing on me – especially paired with other colors (see below). As I'm flipping through our inspiration board, I'm quickly realizing I could be up all night finding more and more that I love with this vibrant color! Bring on the green! Emerald1f55607e6c44e6b1c5bed3d05bb390e6 4aaaa3204386498019a9ea01e162f883 007 9e1cd9fa4d25b9d2d89fdee1214829ed 13e891dbeb6268c1d2ef364e709592e8 230b4c8562659c07aa3a1c228ffe751d 491eb8fc18174d4299588cc222220c8e

Love the idea of using the color in a bow tie! e3dc3592fca0eff1286243d6db59a78e IMG_4489

Try to use the color in the favor to pull the color scheme throughout all the aspects of your wedding.


It can be as understated as the leaves and stems in an arrangement that is set off by a white floral backdrop. To the left is a photo I pulled from Pinterest, and the right photo is from one of our very own!