Holiday Gifts • Newly Engaged

Finding just the right gift for someone can be fun, but it can also be a huge challenge! While we may not be the gift-giving experts for everyone on your list, we are knowledgeable in certain areas, such as what the new bride-to-be in your life may need. With holidays being a popular time for engagements, we thought we would help you be one step ahead for that special friend! 1. A nice bottle of BUBBLY! (doesn't really matter what kind, just celebrate!) 2. Custom Thank-you cards by Mariée Ami (for all those shower gifts she's about to receive) 3.  Tom's Crochet Slip-On (perfect for running around town on wedding errands) 4. Kate Spade Stripped Celina Dress (for the engagement party being thrown in her honor) 5. Tory Burch Felt Ella Tote (to tote all her schedules, planners, and samples around town) 6. Lulu Lemon Pitter Patter Pullover (for those chilly months when she wants to amp up her workout routine) 7. MyAgenda Day Planner (so she can keep all of her meetings with venus, florists, and Mariée Ami wedding planners straight!) 8.  Bliss Hand Cream (for silky smooth hands when she meets all the future in-laws) 9. Korres Wild Rose Brightening Sleeping Facial (so she looks fresh even after staying up late planning all the little details)

Happy Shopping!

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