Honeymoon idea.....Cap Juluca

I am fully aware that my job is planning the wedding and not the honeymoon, but I am strongly considering a new department of Mariée Ami after seeing these photos. One of the hardest parts about my job is waking up on Sunday morning so sore from all the work the day before that I cannot move while my sweet bride is flying off to an amazing get a-away. I know this is all part of it and it wasn't my wedding after all, but still.
For those of you just joining in on the blog...here is a little introduction!

Hannon was our September 17, 2011 bride and ...........

Cameron was our groom.

The happy couple's honeymoon was cancelled (not sure what happened to the first trip) so they booked a trip to Cap Juluca only a few weeks before the wedding.
Based on these photos, I would say they did just fine!

For those of you looking for a honeymoon spot, be sure to check to check out Cap Juluca.
Happy Planning!
Happily Ever AfterDan Gavin