Alley and Leighton

Alley Harris and Leighton Griggers were married on August 6, 2011. Alley's sister, Ashley, gave me a call when the couple got engaged and asked if I would plan her sister's wedding in their home town of Montgomery. Of course I said yes and immediately called my vendor friends in the area....Jennie Weller Catering, Al's flowers, Peggy McKinney, Cake Designs, Alabama Buses, Capital City Carriage and 129 Coosa Street. I decided to bring Beth Hontzas Photography and Lance Holloway to town with me and boy was I glad I did! They captured every single moment of this special day!
Mary Baugh from Razzle Dazzle Creative Design created Alley's entire invitation suite. The save the date was a photo of the couple along with the logo that we carried throughout the wedding.

I was with Alley when she found the perfect dress at Ivory and White. We were just looking and getting an idea of what she thought she might want when we found "the one." The ladies at Ivory and White always make my job easy!

Something Blue!

Mr. Harris had been battling cancer for years. As the wedding got closer and closer, he grew weaker and weaker. Cancer was not going to stand in the way of him walking his daughter down the aisle. I have never seen a father smile so big. The happiness his daughters and wife brought him on the day of the wedding was something I will never forget! Unfortunately, Mr. Harris passed away three days after the wedding. I am so thankful he was able to be a part of this amazing day!!

Alley and Leighton decided to see each other before the ceremony. I was glad the couple decided on this. The were so many incredible photo opportunities that we would not have had time to get it if we had not taken them before the ceremony. Besides, I think that seeing each other can sometimes clam a few of the nerves!

A storm moved in right before the ceremony. The rain was pouring down and the lights went out at the church. Everyone scurried around to light the candles in the sanctuary and get music ready now that the organ would not play. We were all a little disappointed, but knew this was such a minor problem to have in the grand scheme of things. Alley, Mr. Harris and I were standing in the back of the church waiting for the flower girl and ring bearer to walk down the aisle. Right as Alley and her father were about to walk down the aisle, the lights came back on. It was a true sign from God of his presence. I have chill bumps thinking about that emotional moment in Alley's life.

Alley's bridesmaids were the sweetest group of girls. I loved the different styles of dresses.

You hardly see the traditional nosegay flowers anymore. How pretty is this!

The reception took place at 129 Coosa Street. It is one of the newer venues in downtown Montgomery. It was a perfect location and venue for this wedding! Besides, their event planner is my former sorority sister and a blast to work with. Love in AOT, Leah!

Al created exactly what we were looking for. We wanted limes to give a crisp summer look and the perfect color rose.

Peggy McKinney was able to create the design from Alley's dress on the cake. She wasn't sure how it would turn out, but after a lesson from Mrs. Harris herself, Peggy was ready to go.

Thanks to Cake Designs, the groom's cake was picture perfect. Leighton was pretty excited when it came to his cake and he wanted to be involved. He was so involved that he made the cake stand himself and collected the props to make it absolutely perfect.

The duck cookies were a precious detail to the groom's table.

After an emotional ceremony and start to this sweet couple's new life, the crowd got loose and had a blast. Even the grandmas got out on the dance floor. The Fountain City Players were incredible!! May thanks to Dobbins with Music Garden!

The couple rode off in a white carriage and are living happily ever after in Fairhope, AL.
While the day was filled with emotions, I can honestly say this wedding went off without a hitch. Everything was absolutely perfect! Alley was a stunning bride and Leighton is one sweet groom!
It is a wedding like this that makes the meaning of Mairée Ami, a name meaning “bride’s friend” in French, the language of love,truly fit. I am so happy to call Alley and the rest of her family my friends.
Happy Planning!