Mariee Ami Wedding: Catherine and John

Catherine and John were married on May 21, 2011 at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. It was one of the sweetest weddings I have seen in a long time. There were many things that made me smile, but one of my favorite aspects of the wedding was the roles each one of their four children had in the ceremony. Both Catherine and John brought two special people to the marriage and they wanted to make sure the entire day focused on two families coming together.

When I first met with Catherine and John they asked me how we could make their wedding sophisticated enough for the adults, but fun for the children. I decided to give my friends at Cafe Dupont a call to see what they thought about using their new restaurant, Mix. They not only said yes, but they also welcomed my "kid" friendly ideas.
The main floor at Mix is separated by a big, beautiful stairwell. This created the perfect setting for separate children and adult areas. I am all about neatness and control so I decided to have boxed dinners put together for the children prior to their arrival. We wrapped up chicken fingers, home-made chips and fruit like a present....teal blue tissue to match the decor, of course!

We wanted to have an activity that would keep the children occupied for a little longer than dinner, so I decided to have them decorate cookies for dessert. Mix went above and beyond and even made home-made icing in pastel colors. The turquoise M&Ms were the perfect touch!

I wanted the invitation to fit with the modern look I was going for, so I asked my friend Allene Neighbors to work her magic. Second marriages always call for a few questions when it comes to wording on the invitation. Since we were focusing on the families coming together, we decided to start the invitation with "Together with their children....."
Given the size of the wedding, Mariee Ami handled the decor for the reception. While we can handle pretty much all aspects of our clients decor, we always turn to the professionals for the flowers. Andy Hopper with K.G. Designs put together EXACTLY what we were looking for!
One of my favorite details was the floral pocket lapel that John wore instead of a boutonniere. I LOVED the way it turned out!

We hung a few paper lanterns to give the guests a little help when tracking down this hot new spot downtown.
The signature cocktail was a hit by all!

Second weddings are not usually a time for tradition. However, there is always a time and a place for dessert. We opted for everyone's favorite Pastry Bites and Dreamcakes mini cupcakes.

Catherine's dress looked like it was made for her! We had actually decided on a different dress the first time we visited Ivory and White, but the Edith was too pretty to pass up!

Many thanks to Beth Hontzas for her amazing work behind the camera and Celine Russell for her amazing talent with hair and make-up.
Happy Planning!