the tiniest little detail.....

One of my clients is working hard on what to give the hosts and hostesses of her engagement party. She really wants to give a donation to a local organization instead of spending money on a gift the host or hostess may or may not enjoy. While the donation idea sounds like the easier solution, this bride is really working hard on how to wrap this gift just right.
After a few weeks discussing this idea, she has decided to wrap up a delicious chocolate sweet and hang a gift tag from the cellophane explaining the donation. Pretty cute...don't you think!!
Now, the question is how large does the gift tag need to be and does the note need to be printed or handwritten????? We want to give enough space to explain the donation, but not overpower the gift bag.
My response to this question was to have 3"x 3" cards made up that has a generic "Thank You" and give a quick explanation of the donation. She should use the great font from her Save The Date and print it in a wedding color. The bride will send a formal thank you note to the hosts after the party anyway, so why not wait to express her true thanks then when she has more room.

(Photo found on the blog The Road to June 19th)
What can I say, this job is all about the details!
Happy Planning!
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