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Tom and I were enjoying a glass of wine tonight discussing our days and catching up on the little things we had not shared during the 90 phone conversations we had throughout the day. I began telling him about what I saw on the Today show this morning. Two marriage counselors/relationship specialist talked about how to keep your marriage alive. Their advice.....
1). Every couple should have a 30 second hug a day
2). Every couple should have a 30 second kiss a day
3). Go to The Today Show website for their last piece of advice.
I can assure you your husband won't be disappoint.
Gather is is a G rated blog :))
I found it very interesting that the hug and kiss actually stir physical feelings rather than purely emotional feelings.

Just as I was telling Tom about my new knowledge of the human body as it relates to love, he interrupted me and told me about what he read today in Esquire Magazine.........
270 Seconds to a Better Marriage: (kind of like a "To Do List" for guys)
Morning..... First thing, take ninety seconds to give her the greatest "Good morning. I love you." And if she is asleep, you can lower your voice and whisper, "I love you. Have an awesome day." She will hear you.
After Work.....Right when you get home, focus on her for a full ninety seconds. If she's happy, you go happy; if she's low, you go low, and make sure you look her in the eyes long enough to discern her eye color. This says, "I value you, I need you."
Night.....Sometime during the last thirty minutes before bed, take ninety seconds to engage fully with her. Do not talk about children, money or work. Don't talk about the past at all. Look at her, stroke her hair, snuggle up to her, tell her you love her.

Happy Planning!
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