You Rock!

A friend of mine called me a few months ago and asked for some creative help. Her twin boys were turning one and she wanted to throw a "thank you" party for all the people who had helped her during the first year of parenthood. After a brainstorming session (you can read about this in an earlier post...) I came up with the idea to base the theme around "YOU ROCK."
Gather's Brainstorming Notes:
Guitar Hero
Rolling Rock Beer
Rock Concerts
Napkins monogrammed with the names of different rock and roll stars
Rock Candy
Rocky Road Ice Cream
This list was the start to what turned out to be a great party!
A graphic designer from Etsy designed the invitations to look like a concert poster. For the door decoration, we hung the guitar from Guitar Hero, a party wreath and a blown-up copy of the invitation.
Iced cookies were made by a friend of the host to coordinate with the theme and colors of the party.
We ordered blue rock candy from Candy Warehouse. We put two candy sticks in each from each birthday boy, of course!

In lieu of gifts, my friend asked that guests donate children's books to YWCA. This is great thing to do when your children have all that they need! Such a sweet touch!
As a party planner, you won't always follow through with everything on your brainstorming list. I opted to keep with the names of the twins instead of confusing people with random names. Surely guests would have known it wasn't Bruce Springsteen's birthday, but then again, not everyone is as themed orientated as me.
The party was a success and guests had a rocking good time!
Happy Planning!
A GatheringDan Gavin