Men In Black Are Back

Ten years ago a group of men decided to throw themselves a birthday party and named themselves The Men In Black! The party was bigger and better than they ever dreamed. Fast forward ten years and the same fun men decided to try it one more time.....

This time, they in enlisted a little extra help from Gather so that they could concentrate on work and whatever else life brings at the age of 60. During the first meeting (over whiskey and wine), "the guys" and I discussed their goals for the party:
1) Great Band
2) Full Bar
3) No Decorations
**3 of the 26 hosts helped me with details and are referred to as "the guys"**
My first job was the band. One of the guys suggested Silk E Smooth, while the others questioned the decision. I assured the group Silk E Smooth was the way to go, and promised them there would be plenty of entertainment.
I then headed over to visit my friends at Village Press to see if they could create the invitation we were looking for. After a few weeks of working out the wording, the invitation was off to the printer and the guest list had grown to 850 people.

The guys wanted to personlize their event with koozies, hats and mock turtlenecks. Concepts and Associates printed the koozies and hats, and I ordered the monogramed mock turtlenecks from LL Bean. We wanted the hosts to be identified from the guests, so the hosts wore a tuxedo with their gray mock turtleneck under the jacket. Black was the color ten years ago, so we felt it was only appropriate that it be gray this year. We have already planned the 70th to be white!

All the hosts enjoyed a seated dinner with their wives or guests before the party started. There were a few funny toasts made, but also a few reflections over the last ten years. Guests began to arrive at 8:30 p.m., and the hosts entered the party to the theme song of "Here Comes The Men In Black" at 9:00 p.m.
Silk E Smooth played until 12:15 a.m. and the crowd was still there. There was fun had by all!!
Happy Planning!
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