Salt Fine Catering

I recently worked with a caterer I have never worked with before and I was blown away with is food!
Robby Melvin with SALT Fine Catering

This event was a pre-dinner cocktail at a home who is used to entertaining. Robby prepared a few pick up appetizers that were OUT OF THIS WORLD!
Seared Tuna with Corriander Crust and Lemon-Caper Relish
Braised Harris Ranch Short Rib Croutes with Tangerine and Herb Salad
Wild Mushroom Tartlet with Truffle Butter
Fennel Marinated Feta and Olive Skewers
Red Onion Tatina with Thyme and Aged Balsamic
I wanted to get away from the holiday colors, but wanted to stay true to a dark color pallet for the flowers. I visited my friends at Davis Wholesale and pulled together two arrangements made of deep purples, fuchsias and green.

Happy Planning!
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