Pop Up Party...

Tom, the girls and I went to Otey's for dinner tonight and we watched a girl pull together a 30th b-day party in 3 minutes. It was like she had a party in a bag. Maddie looked over at me and said, "Neillie are you their party planner." I simply said, they don't need a planner!
When Maddie jumped out of her seat to get a close look at the chocolate cake, I quickly found myself in the middle of the girl's set up. I introduced myself and asked her where she got such a cute invitation, banner and cup cake toppers. She explained that she is a graphic designer who is starting her own company. I have so much respect for anyone who can work such magic on the computer...I don't have a lick of talent when it comes to creating anything worth hanging on a wall. My new friend's name is Laura Money and I am excited about talking with her more when her graphic design business gets going! Stay Tuned!

Happy Planning!
PaperDan Gavin