Dallas Holiday Decor

Let me start by saying, I am very disappointed in the size of the photos. I took these with my iphone and I am not sure why I can not post them a little larger. I have debated on even posting, but here it goes anyway....

Tom and I hit the streets of Dallas today with no real purpose other than enjoying the pretty weather and the neat things this city has to offer. I was pleasantly surprised to come across store holiday decor that I actually wanted to remember for my upcoming holiday projects.

Our first stop was a store called Forty Five Ten. The store was a hodgepodge of high end items. The walls in the store were lime green so their Christmas decorations were all natural wood with a touch of the lime green (randier moss, pine cone ornaments, brown peacock feathers and lime green ribbon). I immediately thought of a client's home that I am decorating for Christmas next weekend. She asked for a "natural/organic" Christmas look and this store was exactly just that. The sales associates looked at me like I was a creep for taking photos, but they had not given me even a second of their time, so I didn't worry about it.

There is a saying that Tom and I like to reference from time to time and it just so happened to hang over their door in a neon light as if I needed a reminder of how things are for us from time to time..........."Happiness is Expensive!"

There was a restaurant connected to this store that was decorated with beautiful silver balls and ornaments. They hung from the ceiling at different heights with lime green ribbon.

The next stop was a store called Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. It was a furniture store with a modern flare. Besides a bowl of silver balls and Christmas music, you would have never known it was the holiday season. However, I loved the simplicity of the silver balls. It was a nice touch that wasn't overdone.

If you look closer at the TINY photo below (so frustrating), you will see branches potted on either side of the console table. There are different color balls hanging from the branches and it looks awesome. I was thrilled to see this design throughout Restoration Hardware.....I am installing this design into a clients home on Friday!!

You may be asking where you find these cool branches....well, the answer is anywhere you can find them. I just so happened to find a huge pile of great looking branches on the side of the road a few weeks ago. I pulled over and loaded every last one of them in the back of my car.

Happy Planning!
A GatheringDan Gavin