A Carnival Candy Bar!

My step-daughter turned 8 a few weeks ago and we celebrated by throwing a carnival bash at The Exceptional Foundation. The birthday girl requested a candy bar like I had done for the Sweet Sixteen a few months ago, so I made a Costco run and loaded up on the sweet treats!

Thankfully I have hundreds of glass containers that were perfect for the different types of candy. You need to pay attention to presentation when you are making a candy a bar. Bowls of candy on a flat table is not going to give you the look you are wanting. Add some height with different size containers and shelving. I used some red confetti under the shelving and some white pumpkins to add a little spice to the look. You can use anything! I just so happened to have the pumpkins in the car for an event I am doing Tuesday and the confetti was left over from another other event. Don't forget to make some labels or bring some cute string to tie off the candy bags. The little twisty ties that come with the cellophane bags were a real disappointment (I am sure the 8 year-old children could care less about the twisty ties, but this detail nut did!)
Making a candy bar is simple if you plan a few days ahead. Ordering candy online is the way to go!! Places like Sam's and Costco may sell candy in bulk, but your options are limited! Go to www.candywarehouse.com for the best selections. You can even sort by color, style or brand!!
Happy Planning!
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