Hiring a planner for the Rehearsal Dinner

While I spend most of my time working on weddings, I occasionally plan rehearsal dinners as well. I love having the opportunity to work with the groom's family as well as the bride's family to make the entire weekend special. There are some advantages in using the wedding planner for both events. The planner can insure the two events are unique, while also giving the entire weekend a consistent feel.

Both the wedding and rehearsal dinner can get expensive. The wedding planner can also help share some of the expenses between the two families.

Cost Saving Tips......
If you are looking to cut back on the floral budget, use the same florist for both events and ask them to re-use the flowers from the rehearsal dinner for the reception.
Buy a larger package from the photographer that includes Friday night and Saturday coverage. You usually get a good price break.
Instead of having two cakes at the reception, I am seeing a trend in the groom's cake being served at the rehearsal dinner instead of the reception.

I was recently hired to finish the planning for a client's rehearsal dinner. Since I was already working on the wedding, it was easy for me to pick up where the bride and groom had left off. They had already decided on the newly renovated state rooms at The Club, and invitations were already in the mail. I was left with the fun stuff...linens, table settings, place cards and logistics.

I collected wine bottles for a week (they were not all from my house, I promise) and used them for table numbers. To tie the weekend together, I used the wedding logo on one side and the table number on the other.

I robbed my sister and a friend's cork collection to make the place cards. Hint: You need to cut the back of the cork off to make it lay flat. Be careful, I almost lost my finger!

I made a large chalk board wall that listed all of the guests and their table numbers. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of it. I am hoping Seven Devries, the photographer, got one that I can share later!

Stay tuned for a post featuring Marc and Prim's beautiful wedding.

Happy Planning!


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