Groomsmen Gift Ideas

I am working with a precious bride and groom who would like my help in selecting the perfect gift for their groomsmen. After all the expenses of putting on a rehearsal dinner and treating his soon-to-be wife to a romantic honeymoon, the groom has asked to keep the price down without taking away from the quality of the gift.
If you have been looking for groomsmen gifts yourself, you are well aware of the enormous selections you have in the bar category. While most groomsmen do enjoy a good drink, there are some guys out there that would rather have something else. It is usually pretty easy when all the groomsmen are into hunting or sports, but when you have a group of guys who are all truly different, it gets a little tricky!!
Below are a few gifts I found that could make just about any guy happy.

The L.L. Bean Travel Messenger Bag for $24.95 would be a great gift. It might even come in handy the weekend of your wedding!

A traditional money clip is always a nice gift. This one can be purchased and personalized at Red Envelope for $14.95.

Slice of Bread Notebook

"You are the greatest thing since sliced bread"...isn't that how all grooms feel about their groomsmen...maybe??

I know this is something very unique and it might not go over as well with the guys as it did with me....but it was too cute to pass up!!

This is package contains 12 single notebooks that are all in the shape of a slice of bread. Each notebook is numbered 1-12 so that you can have one for each month of the year.

Maybe the groom was a journalism major and all of the groomsmen are deep thinkers that need a place to catch their thoughts....Unlikely I know, but still clever!

A leather catchall tray is something a guy might not know he needs, but the minute he tosses it onto his dresser it will begin to change his life (or maybe his wife's life).

This little tray will be the new home for keys, loose change, collar stays, golf tees (hair rubber bands and fingernail clippers at my house) and much more.

This personalized leather catchall can be ordered from Red Envelope for $29.95.

These 2oz double wall thermo glasses are a lot cooler when you see them in person. Tom and I were having brunch at Avo with his parents a few weeks ago and his step-mother was served coffee in one of these. It was so neat that the conversation stopped in mid-story and all attention was devoted to how unique the glass was.

This gift is unique, while also useful! It can be found at for $11.89.

Every guy needs a weekend tote or gym bag. These bags can be found just about anywhere at any price point. I found this one while cruising around What a great gift for only $24.95.

We have this coffee cup at our house and I secretly hurry to the kitchen each morning to make sure that I get this mug before walking out the door. (Editor's Notes: Do not let her fool you, I fix the coffee every morning and know not to think about using this mug)

For all coffee lovers, this is the PERFECT to-go mug! I am not sure why I love this mug so much, but I do. For a simple, yet unsalable, groomsmen gift....visit for your

"I am not a paper cup..."
(only $12.50)
Happy Planning!
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