Brunch with Bromberg's

I attended The Perfect Wedding Guide's Bridal Market two weeks ago to check out different wedding vendors while also enjoying a wonderful brunch put on by Brombergs. During the brunch we heard from Melissa Rycroff from The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars about her wedding planning experience. Her one recommendation was to hire a wedding planner!!!
(I promise, I had nothing to do with what she said!!)

BTW, we all need to go on Dancing With The Stars! Melissa has the best looking legs I have ever seen!

This is Melissa's groom Tye Strickland. He didn't have much to say about the wedding planning process, but is 100% supportive of his new wife.

If you or any of your girlfriends are engaged, be sure to register at Brombergs. They are giving away a weekend trip to Watercolor to one lucky bride who registers in the next few weeks. The trip also includes a spa visit and dinner at Fish Out of Water.

Brombergs is also hosting a Diamond Dash! If you are interested in winning a $15,000 engagement ring, check out

I will blog about the different vendors I found at the bridal market, stay tuned!

Happy Planning!


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