Bon Appetit!

I had a meeting today with a possible caterer for one of my upcoming weddings. Consequently, all I have thought about tonight is food! I have just polished off a hot brownie/ice cream dessert and I am now pulling photos of food.

Cupcakes instead of a groom's cake???

I have a bride who LOVES doughnuts. She might have a stronger feeling for Krispy Kreme, but this is just too cute~

While meeting with another caterer on Friday (for a different bride), we decided on cookies and milk for the dessert bar. I think I like this better than the idea of mini 100 calorie milk cartons with straws.

I have just the wedding for these mini pies!!! Perfect for a southern menu!

Two good options for cold salads. They remind me of my favorite lunch spot in Atlanta....
Souper Jenny's....(oh, so good!)

All photos were found on my new favorite blog...JL Designs! Check it cool!!!
Happy Planning!

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