A Modern Christmas Party

I had the pleasure of working with a great client of mine on his 2010 holiday party this week! Hot & Hot Fish Club produced an amazing menu including fried oysters, lamb chops, sushi, duck and much more. After a few months of creative brainstorming, I was so happy with the way the night turned out.

The lighting was done by A.G. Lighting. They are so wonderful and easy to work with!

I was a little worried about putting snow flakes on the ceiling, but it turned out to be a nice touch.

I had been dreaming of how I was going to build this bar for months and I may have dreamed a little too big this time. The walls of greenery between the illuminating cubes took hours upon hours to make. If you have ever made a homecoming float out of tissue paper, then you will get what I mean when I use the word "pomping." I pomped all night Wednesday night (okay...Tom did help, but only for an hour) and finished up on Thursday.

Very thankful I did not go with another green wall for this bar.

The Hot & Hot staff were everywhere. Having an attentive staff is necessary for a great party!

This small centerpiece was as easy as a bag of cranberries and a few gladiolus buds.

I am not a huge fan of poinsettias, but they scream Christmas and added a good dose of red throughout the party.

Happy Planning!

A GatheringDan Gavin